In a letter to constituents run across local newspapers, Libby Coker, Federal Member for Corangamite called on the government to take comprehensive action on climate change.

Ms Coker, who is concerned about the impact of climate change on the lives of all Australians, said she was compelled to write the letter because of the rhetoric of the government during the past week in Parliament.

“This government is full of climate change deniers. It pretends that it isn’t and tries to divert the conversation away from the real cause of these devastating fires to issues like fuel load reduction.”

“All across my electorate there are problems with erosion, habitat loss, endangered species are under increasing stress, and then of course there is the ever present risk of bush fires. We don’t have time to continue to equivocate. We need urgent and decisive action.”

Ms Coker highlighted that, with the government’s emissions targets, Australia is a long way from achieving the Paris commitment of keep warming well under 2 degrees.

“The United Nations International Panel on Climate Change says we need to reduce emissions to net zero by 2050 and by 45% by 2030 to keep the temperature rise below 2 degrees. We are nowhere near achieving that and temperatures have already increased by 1.1 degree on average.”

“As the driest continent, Australia is particularly susceptible to the impact of climate change and we have already witnessed the devastating effects through these terrible fires. Yet that’s with only a one degree increase in temperature. If we don’t act and urgently show leadership on this issue we will risk facing far greater consequences.”

Libby Coker said that she is contacted daily by people in Corangamite who are concerned about the government’s inaction.

“I stand with my community, who have sent me hundreds of letters. I will be their voice for action, calling for a transition away from coal and a shift to a strong commitment to renewables.”

“As a mother of two, I know I join many other Australians in my concern about the future and the long term effects of our inaction.” Ms Coker is imploring every Australian voter to make it abundantly clear to Scott Morrison that business as usual is not an option