Visiting Apollo Bay on Saturday as part of the first leg of her ‘Libby Listens’ tour, Libby Coker dropped into the Apollo Bay Football and Netball club to hear about how the Morrison Government’s election promise of $487,000 would be put to use.

Ms Coker said that as the Federal Member for Corangamite she was pushing hard for the money to be delivered to the club sooner rather than later because, although the club’s community was vibrant and active, their club rooms were tired and dilapidated.

“As I toured the club rooms and netball courts, I was struck by how important this money is to the local sporting community. The netball change rooms and courts in particular. The players are changing without showers and with one toilet for everyone. There is not privacy for the teams and the courts are slippery and uneven, forcing players to risk injury every time they play.”

Libby Coker said that the facilities had not been upgraded for over 20 years and were desperately in need of repair.

“Ï understand that the club President, Kyle Briggs has been told by Government that he will just have to wait in line for the funding, but if the funding was an election promise it must be available and is desperately needed just to bring the facilities up to scratch. In all my years as a councillor I saw many football and netball facilities, but all I can say is this community has been making their club work despite the facilities they are working with.”

Ms Coker said she would be following this up as a matter of urgency.

“The government has promised this fantastic club and community hope that they can make the improvements they sorely need, their submission for the promised funding should be treated with the urgency it deserves. They cannot continue to put up with the conditions they are working with, and I will do all I can to help.”

“Local sporting clubs give so much to the community, they connect people, improve people’s health, enrich people’s lives and foster volunteerism. All these benefits are critical to the health of every community. When I went down to the Apollo Bay footy club it was alive, I was warmly welcomed and felt the mateship that existed there. There was a real sense of community that should be supported and nurtured.”