Official new data confirms what people in our local community already know – that health costs have never been higher than under Scott Morrison.

The Government’s own Health Department has revealed to the Senate that people in Corangamitepay an average out-of-pocket fee of $36.15to see a GP.

This is a record high – up 36% since the Liberals were elected, an average of over 5% a year, which is higher than the national average.

The Health Department has also contradicted the Government’s claims on bulk billing, admitting that over 51% of patients in Corangamite have to pay to see a GP.

Specialist out-of-pocket fees are also at record highs, with people in Corangamite paying an average $72 to see a specialist– up a staggering 59% under the Coalition. On average only 17.2 % of people in the electorate are always bulk billed by specialists, so these costs hit thousands of locals every year. Corangamite ranks a lowly 135 out of 151 federal electorates for out of pocket specialist costs.

These new figures are a damning indictment of the Coalition’s record of cuts and neglect in health.

The Federal Member for Corangamite, Libby Coker said families in the local community were straining under the cost increases imposed by Scott Morrison and his Liberal Coalition.

“Corangamite is a fast growing community; families and pensioners are all grappling with the increasing costs of living imposed by this Government. People are straining under the pressure, low wage growth coupled with the increased cost of essential services is taking a toll.

“The Morrison government has no plans to help the community – instead they continue to attack and underfund vital services like Medicare, making it harder for local people, particularly those most in need, to get ahead. The situation is only going to get worse.Scott Morrison’s latest cuts to Medicare Incentives in Corangamite, changing boundaries around key regional cities, have made accessing GP services harder. Already the Meredith community lost their GP and rural GPs in neighbouring towns will now face increasing demand.”

Ms Coker said that health care costs are already at record highs and Scott Morrison’s latest cuts will make it even harder for GP’s to bulk bill.