Climate change, energy and the local environment will be on the agenda when Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Mark Butler, visits the Corangamite electorate this Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mark Butler and Federal Member, Libby Coker MP, will first meet with locals at the Torquay Bowling Club to hear their views on important issues around environmental sustainability, renewables, climate change action and local initiatives. The event is almost fully booked and will provide the local Corangamite community an important opportunity to hear from the Shadow Minister and provide feedback informing Labor policy.

“The opportunity for the local community to come and hear from Mark Butler, and to ask questions and share their views is really important. This is particularly the case because the Morrison Government continues to refuse to take effective action to address the growing impact of climate change on our beautiful region.”

The Shadow Minister will then visit sites in the electorate and complete his visit with an address to the first meeting of the Corangamite Climate Change and Environment Reference Group. Libby Coker said she was particularly excited to start the reference group.

“I am keen to bring together local people with expertise, to provide feedback, ideas and a local perspective. I am particularly pleased to be able to meet with and work with local people who are working on improving the condition of our environment, and also the impacts of the changing climate on the habitats that we are so fortunate to enjoy. The information they provide will help me become more effective when I speak up in Parliament and in Caucus about one of the most pressing issues of our time.”

Libby Coker MP went on to say that she was looking forward to hosting Mark Butler and the reference group and thankful to all those representatives who would be providing their knowledge and experience.

“I want to thank those representatives, from groups like the Great Ocean Road Coastal Committee, Farmers for Climate Action and Doctors for the Environment, for their advice and time. This Reference Group will provide non-political advice that, I anticipate, will push me to really think about the community and the hard issue of how we address climate change and other environmental issues. I will be solution-driven, and want the community to help create workable solutions.”

Ms Coker thanked the Hon. Mark Butler MP for coming to Corangamite to address the community.

“Mark Butler demonstrates strong political leadership on this issue and it is an incredible opportunity to have him here. I want to express my thanks to Mark for being here and sharing his knowledge with my local community.”