Libby Coker MP, Federal Member for Corangamite today said the Morrison Government’s underfunding of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, to the tune of $4.6 billion, was a national disgrace.

Ms Coker said that it was appalling that budget savings are being made at the expense of people with a disability living in Corangamite and throughout Australia.

“This Government is knowingly limiting the care available to people living with a disability all in the name of saving their budget. They are restricting and delaying services available to the most vulnerable people in our community.”

The Corangamite MP also said that she is being contacted by local residents, either those relying on NDIS for services, or the carers of those people with a disability, and being told that they were directly affected.

“Every day in Corangamite there are people contacting my office seeking help with delays in the delivery of services, or in the processing of claims. Errors are occurring and people’s claims and information are misplaced. NDIS workers are under-resourced and unable to meet demand and so people are left waiting for vital services and funds.”

Libby Coker said she has also been contacted by service providers who have concerns about the services being provided and who were questioning the adequacy of the information provided to recipients.

“I’ve been contacted by the Transport Development and Solutions Alliance concerned that people seeking NDIS services are not being properly informed by assessors about the transport funding options available to them. Others have reported that the NDIA have reneged on the transitional payments they agreed to fund leaving providers short or having to renegotiate reduced hours of service with clients. Local provider GenU is one of those concerned about these changes.”

Ms Coker said under the Morrison Government’s control, what had been a flagship program was crumbling under financial pressure.

“Our region helped lead the pilot program for the NDIS, a program that was properly funded and showed the community just how well we can deliver disability services. It is a disgrace that this Government places the budget surplus ahead of vulnerable people’s lives.” Ms Coker pointed out that the Joint Parliamentary Standing Committee on the National Disability Insurance Scheme, is currently taking submissions on the operations of the NDIS and she is encouraging the people with a disability, carers and service providers to make a submission: