Touring sand dunes at Anglesea Beach today, Ms Coker said the $6 million the Morrison Government promised to protect Corangamite’s coastal environments and some of its rarest species, such as the Hooded Plover, was totally inadequate to combat the impacts of climate change.

“While any funding for dune and coastal restoration is welcomed, the approach from the Morrison Government is just plugging the gaps and not addressing the cause.”

“Climate change is real and we must act now to protect vital coastal infrastructure.”

Ms Coker said throughout her listening tour she had visited a number of coastal communities from St Leonards to Apollo Bay and had witnessed first-hand the extent of coastal erosion and environmental degradation.

“During my tour I saw evidence of the impacts of climate change now, it’s not only sand dunes that are being washed away, but roads, footpaths and even toilet blocks are also being washed away.”

“The Morrison Government funding is a drop in the ocean. If this government will not face our climate emergency they must face and fund the implications of their inaction – sea level rise, habitat loss, coastal erosion and loss of infrastructure.”

“We need the government to take effective action on climate change, not only in Corangamite, but across the nation. They must develop comprehensive national policy. The Morrison Government must commit to effective emissions reductions, support the renewable energy industry and take a leadership role in our region to help facilitate a shift towards a climate friendly future.”

“I support Premier Mark McGowan’s call for the Federal Government to work with State and local governments to effectively manage coastal erosion across the country and to develop a plan to address the growing impact that climate change is having on our beautiful coastal areas.”

“I agree with him that this is a national problem that needs a national response. A few million dollars is totally inadequate.”