Labor to provide funding boost for public schools

Under a Shorten Labor government, Corangamite schools will receive a massive $15.2 million funding boost, as part of Labor's plan to deliver the biggest investment in public schools in Australian history.

Labor's candidate for Corangamite is a former school teacher. 

"Labor's record school funding is a big win for public education. It will ensure that public schools in Corangamite will get the funding they need to give students the best chance for a rewarding future," Ms Coker said.

"It will mean more individual attention, more support with numeracy and literacy and new skills to help young people secure the jobs of the future."

Among the major beneficiaries of Labor's funding boost are Grovedale College and Surf Coast Secondary, who will each receive an additional $1 million over the first three years of the plan. Bellarine Secondary College can expect more than $1.6 million across its two campuses.

Leopold Primary School will see a funding increase of $850,000, while Bannockburn Primary School can expect $680,000 of extra funds.

Smaller primary and secondary schools across the region will also receive additional funding.

Parents are invited to logon to Labor's Fair Go for Schools website to find out how much their local public school will receive under Labor's plan.

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