17 April 2024

People across my electorate are coming up to me at the footy, in the supermarket and at local markets to tell me they aren't paying a fair price for their groceries.


The Albanese Government understands their concerns and is pulling all available levers to ensure the big supermarkets will be held to account, that their prices are fair and reasonable and that suppliers, including our farmers and local producers, are given a fair go. At the moment, I'm being told that this is not always the case.


The power of the big supermarkets, with just a voluntary code of conduct, has contributed to a growing lack of confidence in the system. The government is considering a mandatory code of conduct, hefty fines and significant penalties for the big supermarket chains which take part in unfair practices.


On a personal level, I am very supportive of strong action that reigns in the power of big supermarkets and I’m advocating strongly to my colleagues on this.


The Emerson Review and this interim report is all about making sure our supermarkets are as competitive as they can be, so that Australians get the best deal possible whether they be farmers, producers, or consumers at the checkout.