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An Albanese Labor Government will commit $6 million to a Regional High Ball Facility, to be located in the Armstrong Creek Town Centre.

The regional facility, which is a G21 Priority project, will service both local demand for basketball, netball, badminton and volleyball, and be capable of hosting state and regional tournaments.

Federal Labor MP, Libby Coker, said the facility would help to address the lag in sporting and community infrastructure in Armstrong Creek and provide an opportunity for the township to host their first regional tournaments.

“This is a really exciting project and a milestone in the development of the township of Armstrong Creek. It will make up part of the character of Armstrong Creek for years to come into the future," Ms Coker said.

“It will be a place where hundreds of local families, the kids and the mums and dads, come together, meet each other and make friendships. That’s the great thing about community sports and why I’m so keen to support these projects.

“The facility will also be a host facility for regional and possibly statewide tournaments where kids can see the elite players and get inspired.

“I’m very proud to deliver these commitments.”