Mobile phone issues on the Bellarine

09 February 2022

Speech by Libby Coker MP to Parliament on 9 February 2022:

Imagine your husband has collapsed. You try to ring the ambulance, but there is no signal. You run outside and finally get through.

The ambos want you to monitor your husband, but you can't, because he's inside on the floor, and you're outside in the only place you can get a signal.

This is not an isolated incident for people across the Bellarine in towns like St Leonards, Indented Head and Curlewis, just 30 minutes from Geelong.

Recently I met with the St Leonards Progress Association to hear firsthand the connectivity challenges in their communities. They shared stories of frustration and, for some, a real anxiety that they may face a medical emergency without the ability to call for help.

What needs to be done for all those people who pay for and rely on their mobile service when they're isolating, working from home, homeschooling or just need to ring a medical specialist?

Such complaints have motivated me to launch an online survey. This survey, which you can find on my website, will help me to fight for better connectivity for the Bellarine.

I will talk to the telecommunications companies, armed with survey data, make strong representations and get better communications infrastructure.

It must be said that, in an age of modern communications, it shouldn't be necessary to fight this battle.

The Morrison government has dropped the ball.

Labor in government will improve mobile coverage in regional and vulnerable communities.

But, sadly for the people of the Bellarine, they are paying the price of the Morrison government's incompetence.