Labor's Plan for Cheaper Child Care

The increase to the subsidy will deliver more affordable early childhood education for around 1.2 million Australian families, including 5,800 families in the electorate of Corangamite. 

For a family earning $120,000 with one child in care – their child care costs will be about $1,700 a year less than they otherwise would be. For families on a combined income of $80,000 or less, the Child Care Subsidy rate will lift to 90 per cent.  

Families with two or more children aged under 5 in care will continue to receive the higher subsidy rate of 95 per cent for their second child and any further children. 
The number of Indigenous children in early education will also be boosted by increasing the baseline number of hours of subsidised early childhood education and care families are eligible for each fortnight. 

Families can now calculate their Child Care Subsidy by visiting


This is real cost-of-living relief to the household budgets for families struggling with the rising cost of living, while also improving the economic security of women.  

The cost of early childhood education is one of the first things families have to factor in when they sit down at the kitchen bench to do the household budget – we’re helping to ease that pressure.

More affordable early childhood education and care means more Australian children can access the transformational health and education benefits of foundation years learning no matter their postcode or background.”