From 1 July, every Australian taxpayer will get a tax cut. Because we want people to earn more-and keep more of what they earn.

Tackling cost of living pressures is Labor’snumber one priority. That’s whywe’re working to cut taxes, boost wages, bring inflation under control, anddrive fairer prices for Australian consumers.

When economic circumstances change, the right thing to do is change your economic policy. That’s what we’re doing. We’re doing the right thing, for the right reasons.

We’ll deliver a tax cut that benefits more Australians, and we’re doing it in away that is fair and responsible. A bigger tax cut for more people to help with the cost of living. Labor’s cost of living tax cut is part of our economic plan–along with boosting wages, balancing the budget, and driving fairer prices for consumers.

To find out how much you will save from 1 July, refer to this table: Or click the link to see how much money you’ll save: