Restore Funding To The ABC

Restore Funding To The ABC Main Image

Our trusted national broadcaster has been there for generations of Australians to educate, entertain and support those in need during times of national crisis. Successive cuts to the ABC by this Liberal National Government are undermining this trusted institution.

Scott Morrison ignored the ABC’s warning that the latest cut of $83.7 million will make it difficult for the ABC to meet its Charter requirements and audience expectations.

As the ABC Five Year Plan reveals, Scott Morrison’s cuts are forcing the ABC to choose between quality and quantity – by scaling back its workforce, Australian content and radio news.

Australia is in recession and the media is in crisis yet up to 250 ABC staff now face the sack including 70 staff in the News division. These losses will further undermine the Public’s Right To Know and the strength of our democracy.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Minister for Communications Paul Fletcher remain adamant that there have been no cuts to the ABC.

RMIT ABC Fact Check has confirmed the Coalition is misleading the Australian public on these reckless and irresponsible cuts. How can anyone trust a thing Scott Morrison says?

ABC workers and services are essential. From emergency broadcasting during the bushfires to trusted education and information during COVID-19, the need for this trusted national platform is greater now than ever.

Scott Morrison’s ABC cuts undermine our safety and security.They reduce local news and emergency broadcasting capacity in the bush and undermine Australia’s soft power in the Asia-Pacific region, as the forced cessation of ABC shortwave radio shows.

Unlike the Liberals and Nationals, Labor values our ABC. That is why we will restore $83.7 million in funding cut by Scott Morrison.